Thursday, February 12, 2015

That Magical Age

Everyone in my house has reached the size where we can share shirts, socks, and shoes. It's a little weird. Nothing is safe!!

Bobby turns 10 today! They have a 4-day weekend from school this week, so they're having their Valentine party today - nice for me, because I don't feel pressured to bring treats. Some other ambitious mom can do that. I went all-out last year for Bub's birthday, so this year is a LOT more chill. At his request, we made Minecraft Valentine Cootie-Catchers for him to hand out today.

Still working on the housecleaning - I got the back room and laundry area at the bottom of the stairs completely cleared out, which was very satisfying. Also, everyone has socks now. Good wool ones. That match.

Moved on to Zone 2: Kitchen and Dining Room this week. It's slow going. I'm just not feeling the motivation. Still, I did manage to clear the huge pile of accumulated recycling that built up because the closet was full, and I bought two carts of bulk bins to store dry goods in.

I was astounded at how expensive these things are. But it gets my 50 lb bags of flour and oats and such up off the floor, so it was money well-spent. Everything is right there under the counter.

Pottery Club was Tuesday, and I had played with some of the new glazes that Jim and I picked out for the club. The two I was most excited about were a White Satin/Matte that is supposed to be blendable with Nutmeg, and a really pretty shade of lavender called Lana's Purple.
I walked into the kiln room on Tuesday, looked at the cart full of glaze-fired stuff, and shouted "Oh my gosh! OH MY GOSH!!!" Everyone thought something bad had happened! But no, it was just me, 100% THRILLED with my glaze results!

Isn't it gorgeous?!? I can't wait to try it on a white clay now.
I also glazed the yarn bowls I had tried making, and they turned out ok. They did slump a bit in the firing - that little tongue of unsupported clay is just a bit too much weight, I guess, so it moved down and out a bit.

Last time I was in Julienne Tomatoes, Tom informed me that I needed to get cracking on some new mugs, 'cause everything sold over Christmas! So I worked on those, using a different clay that I hadn't tried before.

It's a white stoneware called Mill Creek, and it's a lot less groggy than the clay I'm used to throwing. It centered beautifully, but I had to be careful not to over-work it because it REALLY wanted to slump if I wasn't careful.
Jim took a few pictures of me working on the wheel.

On Sundays, I usually go out to City Park Grill where my friend Shawn hosts a Trivia Night. Last week's topic was Robin Williams, so I sat and studied up a bit while I ate some dinner and waited for Shawn to get there. Lucky for me, though, an acquaintance walked in for a drink and a bite, and sat down next to me. I asked him if he was there to play trivia with me, and he agreed to stay and be on my team. We won!

Had a great time playing and talking, and we decided that we'd make it a weekly thing. So that's another something to look forward to.

Fun things to come: new tattoos in the works (major ones! In places that can be seen all the time!) and a springtime trip to Georgia to visit a friend I haven't seen in a couple years.

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