Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Superawesome Jeans Rescue, or: Not Your Grandma's Pull-on Jeans

Oh. My. Gosh. I did it. I can't believe it worked. It worked!!
Ok, you know that pair of jeans that you have at the bottom of the pile? The ones that you have to constantly tug back up in back, that has the half rolled-over waistband in front because your mama flab keeps trying to escape because the rise is just a bit too low? The ones that fit ok 3 years ago, until something happened and your bulges inexplicably shifted? THOSE jeans.
Know what you can do with the dang things? You can, my dear reader, execute a Superawesome Jeans Rescue. Not only will you be able to wear them again, but you won't have to hitch them up EVER, there will be no muffin-top at all, and you can wear those form fitting tops that go down over your hips without the stupid waistband button making a big old lump in the middle. For serious.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Magic Mayonnaise

What's so magic about this mayonnaise? In a nutshell, it's so fast and easy, it practically makes itself. No joke. All you need is a pint mason jar and a stick blender, and you'll be able to astound yourself with how magically you can make mayonnaise with good oils, good eggs, and lacto-fermentation to naturally preserve it.